Python Documents API

The document API gives access to instances of DocTypes in Dodock.
It is derived from frappe.model.Document class and represents a single record in the database table.


frappe.get_doc(doctype, name)

Returns a Document object of the record identified by doctype and name. If doctype is a Single DocType name is not required.

# get an existing document
doc = frappe.get_doc('Task', 'TASK00002')
doc.title = 'Test'

# get a single doctype
doc = frappe.get_doc('System Settings')
doc.timezone # Asia/Kolkata


Returns a new Document object in memory which does not exist yet in the database.

# create a new document
doc = frappe.get_doc({
    'doctype': 'Task',
    'title': 'New Task'

frappe.get_doc(doctype={document_type}, key1 = value1, key2 = value2, ...)

Returns a new Document object in memory which does not exist yet in the database.

# create new object with keyword arguments
user = frappe.get_doc(doctype='User', email_id='test@example.com')


Similar to frappe.get_doc but will look up the document in cache first before hitting the database.



Alternative way to create a new Document.

# create a new document
doc = frappe.new_doc('Task')
doc.title = 'New Task 2'


frappe.delete_doc(doctype, name)

Deletes the record and its children from the database. Also deletes other documents like Communication, Comments, etc linked to it.

frappe.delete_doc('Task', 'TASK00002')


frappe.rename_doc(doctype, old_name, new_name, merge=False)

Rename a document's name (primary key) from old_name to new_name. If merge is True and a record with new_name exists, will merge the record with it.

frappe.rename_doc('Task', 'TASK00002', 'TASK00003')

Rename will only work if Allow Rename is set in the DocType Form.



Returns meta information for a doctype. This will also apply custom fields and property setters.

meta = frappe.get_meta('Task')
meta.has_field('status') # True
meta.get_custom_fields() # [field1, field2, ..]

To get the original document of DocType (without custom fields and property setters) use frappe.get_doc('DocType', doctype_name)

Document Methods

This section lists out common methods that are available on the doc object.


This method inserts a new document into the database table. It will check for user permissions and execute before_insert, validate, on_update, after_insert methods if they are written in the controller.

It has some escape hatches that can be used to skip certain checks explained below.

    ignore_permissions=True, # ignore write permissions during insert
    ignore_links=True, # ignore Link validation in the document
    ignore_if_duplicate=True, # dont insert if DuplicateEntryError is thrown
    ignore_mandatory=True # insert even if mandatory fields are not set


This method saves changes to an existing document. This will check for user permissions and execute validate before updating and on_update after updating values.

    ignore_permissions=True, # ignore write permissions during insert
    ignore_version=True # do not create a version record


Delete the document record from the database table. This method is an alias to frappe.delete_doc.



Will return a version of the doc before the changes were made. You can use it to compare what changed from the last version.

old_doc = doc.get_doc_before_save()
if old_doc.price != doc.price:
    # price changed


Will get the latest values from the database and update the doc state.

When you are working with a document, it may happen that some other part of code updates the value of some field directly in the database. In such cases you can use this method to reload the doc.



Throw if the current user has no permission for the provided permtype.

doc.check_permission(permtype='write') # throws if no write permission


Get the document title based on title_field or field named title or name.

title = doc.get_title()


Publish realtime event to indicate that the document has been modified. Client side event handlers react to this event by updating the form.



Set a field value of the document directly in the database and update the modified timestamp.

This method does not trigger controller validations and should be used very carefully.

# updates value in database, updates the modified timestamp
doc.db_set('price', 2300)

# updates value in database, will trigger doc.notify_update()
doc.db_set('price', 2300, notify=True)

# updates value in database, will also run frappe.db.commit()
doc.db_set('price', 2300, commit=True)

# updates value in database, does not update the modified timestamp
doc.db_set('price', 2300, update_modified=False)


Returns Desk URL for this document. For e.g: /desk#Form/Task/TASK00002

url = doc.get_url()


Add a comment to this document. Will show up in timeline in Form view.

# add a simple comment
doc.add_comment('Comment', text='Test Comment')

# add a comment of type Edit
doc.add_comment('Edit', 'Values changed')

# add a comment of type Shared
doc.add_comment("Shared", "{0} shared this document with everyone".format(user))


Add the given/current user to list of users who have seen this document. Will update the _seen column in the table. It is stored as a JSON Array.

# add john to list of seen

# add session user to list of seen

This works only if Track Seen is enabled in the DocType.


Add a view log when a user views a document i.e opens the Form.

# add a view log by john

# add a view log by session user

This works only if Track Views is enabled in the DocType.


Run method if defined in controller, will also trigger hooks if defined.



Run a controller method in background. If the method has an inner function, like _submit for submit, it will call that method instead.

doc.queue_action('send_emails', emails=email_list, message='Howdy')

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