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dokos v1.0.0 is based on Frappe/ERPNext v12.x.x Below are the main differences with Frappe/ERPNext.


  • The following domains are not present in dokos:
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Non profit
    • Agriculture
  • The hub has been removed from dokos
  • The following document types have been removed from dokos:
    • POS Settings: The offline POS has been completely disabled in dokos
    • Cashier closing
    • Cashier closing payments
    • Bank Statement Settings
    • Bank Statement Setting Item
    • Bank Statement Transaction Entry
    • Bank Statement Transaction Invoice Item
    • Bank Statement Transaction Payment Item
    • Bank Statement Transaction Settings
    • Bank Statement Transaction Settings Item
    • Subscription Invoice
    • Subscription Settings
    • Subscriber
  • The offline POS has been removed because it was not compliant and relied on a non persistent data storage service (LocalStorage).
  • The subscription functionality has been completely refactored and it is now possible to:
    • Generate a sales order before generation of a sales invoice
    • Link a subscription to a payment gateway subscription and have its lifecycle triggered via webhooks
  • Stripe and GoCardless integration have been refactored to handle subscriptions and trigger events via webhooks
  • A new doctype Sepa Direct Debit gives the possibility to generate XML files in pain.008.001.02, pain.008.002.02 or pain.008.003.02
  • You can now extend the validity date of your quotations
  • Sales invoices/Purchase invoices/Payment entries are now only named after submission. It solves a compliance issue users in some countries may be facing.
  • A new doctype Item Booking allows you to open bookings on the portal for your customers.
  • Refactor of the Profile (/me) page on the portal to integrate a payment methods update widget (Only Stripe compatible for now).

dodock [Framework]

  • The user interface has been enhanced with a few major changes:

    • The desk is now a big dashboard on which you can pin three types of elements: calendars, charts and cards
      1. Calendars are fetching events for all doctypes with a "Calendar view"
      2. Charts can be created in the doctype "Dashboard Chart" on any doctype or via custom scripts in a custom application
      3. Cards can be created in the doctype "Dashboard Card" on any doctype or via custom scripts in a custom application
    • The modules are now accessible via a sidebar
    • Modules details (doctypes/pages/reports) can be found by clicking on the corresponding module in the sidebar
    • Each module can have its own dashboard
    • The user interface is now full-screen by default
    • The desk is also less accessible on mobiles for now. The current decision is to optimize it for tablets and computer displays.
  • DocTypes can now be named after submission (Useful for Sales invoices for example. See above.)

  • DocTypes can now be sealed:

    • They are integrated in a chained log, thus guaranteeing that they cannot be removed from the system without notice.
    • It replaces the Translation log document type
  • DocTypes prints can now be tracked: the first print timestamp is registered in the database, and all further prints can be labelled as duplicates.

  • The translation system has been refactored:

    • Translations are now file dependant, thus reducing the risk of translations collisions in some languages.
    • The translation file format is now JSON
  • Stripe integration is now only available in dokos

  • Multiple portal design enhancements