Bank Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation consists in matching the operations registered on your bank statement with the transactions recorded in your ERP.

Bank statement import

OFX format

  1. Download your bank statement in OFX format.
  2. Go to Bank Transaction, click on Menu and select Upload an OFX statement
  3. Upload your transactions

With the OFX format, Dokos will not create duplicates since each transaction is uniquely identified. You can therefore import a file containing data already registered.

CSV/XLSX format

  1. Select the bank you wish to import a statement for in the Bank list.
  2. In the Data import configuration section, create a mapping between the header data of your CSV/XLSX file and the data from the Bank Transaction document in Dokos.

Transactions mapping

  1. Download your bank statement in CSV or XLSX format. Check that the header line is the first line of the file.
  2. Go to Bank Transaction, click on Menu and select Upload a csv/xlsx statement
  3. Upload your transactions

With the XLSX/Csv format, if the field reference_number is not defined, the software will not be able to uniquely identify the transactions and will import duplicates.

Reconcile the bank statement lines

Open the page Bank Reconciliation

  1. Select the appropriate bank account and period
  2. Select one or several bank transactions
  3. Select the type of transaction to reconcile
  4. Check that the amount of bank transactions matches the amount of the system transactions
  5. Click on Reconcile


1 <-> n / n <-> n reconciliation

The reconciliation tool allows a reconciliation between one or several lines of your bank statement with one transaction in Dokos (Payment entry, journal entry, ...)

It also allows a reconciliation between one line on your bank statement and several transactions in Dokos.

But it doesn't handle the reconciliation of several lines on your bank statement with several transactions at the same time.


If the options proposed by the tool don't handle a particular use case, you can always open the transaction and add reconciliation line by allocating the reconciled amounts manually.

Automatic payment creation

If you reconcile an invoice, Dokos will automatically create the corresponding payment. If the invoice currency is not the invoice of the bank account, you will need to create the payment manually first.

Rapprochement automatique


If you use Stripe as payment gateway, Dokos can reconcile your payments with the payouts made by Stripe on your bank account. You only need to add Stripe "Charge" ID in the field "Cheque/Reference No" in the Payment Entry.

Document name

If you ask you customers to add the invoice number in the wire transfer references, Dokos can make the reconciliation automatically when you click on "Automatic reconciliation".

Regional options

The regional_reconciliation method allows the configuration of reconciliation methods specific to some regions.


You can add a field esr_reference in your invoices in order for Dokos to automatically reconcile them based on the ESR number.


The auto_reconciliation_methods hook allows the creation of your own reconciliation methods in a custom application.